24 May 2015

garden update - grow your own

It's been six months since my last little update on our allotment project (aka my nan's garden) and a fair old bit has happened. Weekly visits to the plot did trail off between December and February but since March we've been there - digging, shredding, digging some more and, fairly recently, planting...

Because it's fun, I've got some before and after shots for you. Here's what it looked it like back in November:
..And here's April and May:
Mitch cleared the pile of rubbish and gigantic load of garden waste next to the old garage and it really makes the garden feel bigger. Fortuitously, the neighbours at the back also had a sprucing up session, putting up a lovely new fence and trimming back their trees. The latter of which allows loads more sunlight into the garden.

We planted mustard cress (I'm told is good for the soil) and it thrived which is a v.good indicator that the soil is in great shape! We've chopped it all down now to (soon) make way for some seedlings.

About six weeks ago we planted a whole bunch of things - some of which survived: rocket, basil, two varieties of tomatoes, carrots and, my favourite, a chilli plant! We also put some spinach and potatoes straight into the soil. 

And, just under two weeks ago, we planted another lot of seedlings. It's probably too early to count our chickens (or rather veg) but so far so good for the brocolli and cauliflower, watch this space! 

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  1. Looks like you're going to have lots of veg growing! My veg patch is finally all full with far too many plants haha.


Ta v.much :)

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