3 May 2015

experiments in dressmaking - Bess top

Last week I stitched up Imagine Gnats - Bess top. Ta-da!
I've been meaning to sew more tops for aaaaages and this pattern was pretty great. I bought it as a pdf and it was v.straightforward to construct - both paper pattern and actual top - helped immensely by the fact that it's comprised of just two pieces and no darts, yay!

I used a couple of off cuts that have been hanging around in my stash for years, the check was left over from my pj bottoms and the plain from when I was making my parents' quilt. This was very much a practice go at the pattern (my top stitching is much to be desired) but I think it's wearable, although, next time I need to adjust the neckline to make it less wide, it felt a bit gape-y at the front. I fully intend to make a more of these as well as try out the tunic and dress lengths, so stay tuned :)

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