28 Oct 2014


Last Thursday I made myself a remembrance poppy, mostly because I needed something a little more sturdy than the paper ones but also because I'm liking felt at the moment; it allows me to do some hand sewing which I very rarely get to do.

Fast forward to today.

Today I went to the Tower of London. A friend suggested we go and see the poppy display as neither of us had seen it yet. Unfortunately for us, the world, his wife and his 5 million children had also decided to do the same thing. Tower Bridge/Tower Hill was a freaking nightmare. Unseasonally good weather + half-term? I should have known better. This was about all I saw of the poppies before a herd of elderly European tourists mowed me down.

My friend and I abandoned our plan (I'll go back one day, not in half-term, when it's raining) and instead went to the pub, this was our view. Today certainly wasn't all bad :)

Hope you had a good Tuesday too.


  1. A pub sounds like the perfect plan b :) That poppy is lovely- and something you'll be able to cherish for years to come :) xxx

    1. ah thanks! Yeah, I've just got to remember to put it somewhere safe after nov 11th :) x

  2. This sounds exactly like my usual days out: Have plan - plan falls apart for some reason - go to pub.

    1. good old pub, everyone's favourite backup plan :)


Ta v.much :)

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