31 Oct 2014

Falmouth beer & ale festival

A group of us went to Falmouth last weekend. Our aim? To attend the annual beer, ale & cider festival. And we did. And it was ace. Whilst in the picturesque Cornish coastal town we also sampled a few of the pubs (Beerwolf Books was cool - a pub and bookshop), some local cuisine (Cornish pasties, serious guuuuud chips from Harbour Lights, lush lunch and much needed Bloody Mary  at Gylly Beach cafe), a walk on the beach and a spot of crabbing - which we all sucked at. We stayed at the most bizarre hotel which kinda reminded me of the overlook hotel from the shinning - for quietness, vastness and jazzy carpet reasons rather than ghosts and murderous staff. Wish I'd taken a picture of that place. All in all, the weather was perfect, the ale delicious and the company? The best a gal could ask for :)

As for today...Happy Halloween! Hope you've got something fun lined-up. I'm off to the Royal Festival Hall this evening to hear Caitlin Moran interview Lena Dunham. Should be good :)


  1. Man, those chips/fries do look guuuud! And Caitlin Moran and Lena Dunham? I'm so jealous. Looked like a cool trip.

    1. they were amazing - did my hangover the world of good :)

  2. Those chips look epic! And weapons grade ginger beer sounds brilliant :) xxx


Ta v.much :)

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