6 Aug 2014

Bath for a day

My lovely friend Alex is leaving the UK for good in three weeks. Although this is v.shit for me, I know that moving back to his native Michigan is the right thing for him. Whilst he's been living in London Alex has seen a fair old bit of our country but one place on his list he hadn't got around to was Bath. So, last Friday we took the national express to see the Georgian city made from sandy coloured stone that is Bath.

He'd not wanted to see anything specific and preferred to just wander about the streets, take in the views, pop into cafes as and when we fancied. I took him to the crescent and the royal circus; we stopped for a delicious coffee and cake in Colonna & Small's; we watched the birds playing in the Avon; we bought milkshakes from a v.cute cafe on Pulteney Bridge and sheltered from a rain shower in an awesome antique map shop. It was an incredibly chilled and satisfying day improved only by the company - I could easily talk to Alex for days and days without running out of things to say. Man, I'm really going to miss that guy.

1 comment:

  1. I love Bath but haven't been for years and years, this makes me want to get on a train immediately!


Ta v.much :)

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