28 Aug 2014

A Cornish Honeymoon: Part One

Or mini-moon I should say :)

In the weeks before of the wedding, whenever I found myself feeling a little stressed, I reminded myself of two things: 1. It's just a day, it doesn't need to be perfect. 2. You're going to cornwall for six glorious days when it's all over. And what a glorious six days they were!

Please excuse the picture overload.

On the Monday after the wedding Mitch and I got on a train (armed with magazines, books, pulled pork sandwiches - left overs from the wedding) headed for St Austell. 4 and a half hours later we reached our home for the next five nights: Peruppa Farmhouse in Heligan. We booked it on Airbnb and it was absolutely perfect in so many ways - the hosts were so welcoming and made fresh bread for our breakfasts, we had the run of the kitchen if we wanted to cook, the location was ace, they had a swing in their garden(!) AND the hosts had lots of animals for us to pet and play with. Perfect. 

After settling in we headed to the beach which was only about a 20 minute walk away, part of which was through a corn field :) During our stay we spent a lot of time in two places Pentewan beach being one of them, the other was the picturesque fishing village of Mevagissey which we also went to see on our first night in Cornwall. We arrived just in time to hear the Mevagissey male choir performing on the quay, it was pretty cool. 

On our first full day we headed to The Lost Gardens of Heligan, so called because although they were enjoyed and cared for from around the mid 18th century, they were neglected and abandoned at the start of World War I and stayed that way until the 1990s when they were restored to their former glory. The gardens are HUGE and seem to vary in style and design. We started in the vegetable garden which was awesome (and really made me want to have a go at growing stuff again) and then moved onto the flower gardens and the woods. We also stopped by to say hello to the Heligan chickens, sheep, pigs and emus, before taking a well earned nap on the hill.

In the early evening we headed back to Pentewan beach with a little picnic, mostly consisting of cheese, bread, champagne and beer. As well as eating, drinking and chatting, we also had a little paddle in the sea (toes in the sand and the sea - that's basically a holiday to me). When it started to get dark we headed to the pub near the beach who just so happened to be doing a bingo night which we participated in, obvs, and won 20 quid :) The winnings meant that we had enough cash to get a cab home (we ran out of cash in about 24 hours - there are literally NO cash machines in this part of cornwall which is weird considering lots of things are cash reliant). If we'd not won the bingo, we'd probably had to have walked home through the corn fields in the pitch black. I wouldn't have fancied our chances, as well as the champers on the beach, a lot of delicious Cornish ale was consumed that night :)

Part two to come featuring a day trip to Fowey & exploring the Eden Project!

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