26 Jun 2014

Degree Show Two at Central St Martins

Last weekend was the second half of the degree show at UAL (you can see the first half here) featuring: ceramics, textiles, product design, architecture, textiles, graphic design, fashion, jewellery design and loads more. Mitch and I went along on Sunday to see what we could see.

There was a hell of a lot of good stuff on show which was a lot easier to get to grips with than Degree Show One. I had a sneaky feeling that this would be my favourite of the two and I was right. I took some pictures but alas, the textiles design work was completely off limits for photography (which I totally understand - some of the designs in there were freaking awesome and I badly wanted clothes made out of them). My favourite bit was definitely the textile design room, swiftly followed by the jewellery - some of the designs were so clever as well as being incredibly beautiful. This is a bit of a picture overload, apologies.

Natasha Hayden's Farmyard Mosque - BA Architecture

left: Laura Daza
right: Sabrina Kraus Lopez both BA Textile Futures

Pinky swear rings(!) by Ekaterina Polikarpova - BA Jewellery Design

left: Jeewon Shin
right: Yerin Jeon both BA Jewellery

Yin Zhang - BA Jewellery Design

Maliheh Moshtaghi - BA Jewellery Design

Danbei Xu - BA Jewellery Design
This was probably one of my favourite things from the show. Each ring represents the traditional anniversary gifts given at milestones of a marriage (1-10 years, then every five until 50 which is gold). How cool is that?!

left: Mascha P.
right: G. Kim both BA Fashion
Most annoyingly, the names of the fashion students were written, on the floor beneath their work, in yellow chalk. Which meant that the writing was difficult to read anyway and made almost completely illegible thanks to people walking over it and rubbing it out. Consequently, I don't have anyone's full name from that course :(

The awesome helmet that went with the outfit on the right above

Love this knitted dress

Josephine Rose Allison - BA Ceramic Design

Iat Seng (Kevin) Yeung - BA Ceramic Design

A special mention to the BA Product Design students. I didn't take any pictures of their stuff and sadly they don't seem to have a website that I can direct you to. You'll just have to take my word for it: they had some seriously excellent ideas and products, some of which I most definitely need! Fortunately, the Textiles Design lot DO have a website. Here are some of my favourites. (All pics taken from their respective websites)

top left: Jessica Pitcher
bottom left: Rina Sumiya
right: Mei Chen

top right: Dani Greenwald
bottom right: Skye Gwillim

I really love that all the final work goes on display - it's incredibly inspiring. On the downside, it did make me question my own further education choice. I'd like to think that I'm a pretty creative individual and I probably would've had an amazing time doing a more arty degree. Of course the flip-side is that I wouldn't have met all the fabulous friends I have thanks to English Lit in Canterbury. Ho hum. But enough of my musing, back to Sunday.

We only got around to seeing the Ceramics, Textiles, Fashion, Jewellery and Product Design rooms at which point, after two hours of looking at cool stuff, our stomaches were rumbling and we went off in search of food. We ended up at the Kings Cross Honest Burgers which lacked the cute and bustling nature of the Brixton branch BUT did sell mini battered sausages with the best curry sauce to dip them in. A fair compromise I think. We finished our day in Kings Cross with a beer on the colourful roof terrace of the big chill bar before heading back west. All in all a pretty much perfect Sunday really :)

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