16 Jun 2014

a 90th birthday tea party

Yesterday we threw a tea party for my Nana in honour of her 90th birthday (which is actually today)! A neighbour of hers just so happened to be caterer, specialising in tea parties so all the beautiful tea cups and tea pots, (as well as all the food) in the pics were provided by his company Foodsmiths. Oh my god there was so much food - finger sandwiches (including the best cheese and onion ones I've ever had), scones, sausage rolls, quiche, meringues with cream and raspberries, plus three different types of cake (apple, chocolate orange and, my fave, raspberry red velvet)! Many of the guests at the party were little old ladies (friends of my Nana obvs), who really don't eat v.much so there was plenty for me, Mitch and my sister to guzzle. And guzzle we did along with Prosecco and later, plenty of cups of tea. My friday and saturday nights were rather boozy and revolved around watching the World Cup so the tea party was the perfect, chilled out conclusion to the weekend. Hope you all had a good one too.


  1. These photos are lovely, what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Happy birthday to your Nana!

  2. Ah thanks. Yeah it was perfect. She had a great time :)


Ta v.much :)

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