24 Oct 2017

Ode to brunch


I've had a little (5 month) break from the blogging world mostly because I've been off travelling - eating, drinking and seeing some seriously amazing things. But, in order to ease my way back into this blogging malarky, I want to talk you about my love for brunch.

I know us millennials get a lot of grief over our preoccupation with brunch but whatever, it's the best (and I'll never be able to buy a house in London anyway so I may as well enjoy all the brunch I can get). Also, in my defense, Mitch and I don't always venture out for brunch, in fact, some of my favourite breakfasts and brunches have been made at home, he has skillz - namely his sourdough toast with avocado, radish, mint, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, tatziki and a poached egg (bottom right). It is as good as it sounds/looks :)

Other favourite brunches around Peckham way include: the devil's cheese (cheese and jalapeƱo on toast) at The Peckham Pelican (their mushrooms on toast are also perfecto); the full English at Pedler; plantain and harissa scrambled eggs at Persepolis, washed down with either their avocado smoothie or orange, ginger and mint tea.

Still sticking south but slightly further afield: Maltby market for all manner of good eats - St John bakery for custard-filled doughnuts or, for something savoury, Monty's Deli for giant pastrami sarnies (and side of giant gherkin); ALL the breakfasts at The Breakfast Club in Clapham (but especially the American one).

Lastly, my ultimate fancy weekday breakfast (which Mitch and I have only done twice but it's so civilised, I hope we do it again soon), Dishoom. Yes their curry is incredible but I'm telling you it's all about their bacon naan roll (as lush as it sounds), their bombay breakfast (best scrambled eggs and beans EVER) and their bottomless chai tea. It's altogether divine.

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