25 Feb 2015

things I want from UNIQLO

I've not made a wish list in a very long time (mostly because doing such a thing whilst unemployed is tantamount to torture) however, an email came through from Uniqlo and, silly me, I opened it. What followed was a good 40 minute rummage through their site and they've got some good stuff at the moment...

1. & 3. & 11. Part of the Thomas Paul collection (it's ALL maritime themed & bloody great)
2. & 7. Merchant & Mills have a clothing collection!!! And breathe. As a crafty lady this appeals to me no end.
4. Stripy trousers (that actually feel more like a cross between jeans and leggings, similar to the ones Topshop make but for just over half the price).
5. Stripy skirt. Yes, there is a definite stripe thing going on here.
6. Peachy polka-dot shirt. I love this a lot, it's so spring-like. FYI they do this shirt in a variety of  colours.
8. Demin shirt dress. There's definitely a shirt thing going on here too...
9. "I didn't ask to be a swan". Omgee they have a David Shrigley range for men and women! Rejoice!
10. Incredibly cute tea dress? Yes please.
12. Black shirt, a staple my wardrobe it  lacking.

*this is in no way a sponsored post (I just love Uniqlo and could happily wax lyrical about their beautiful and non-over-priced products forever)*


  1. Ok I love everything. I've never even looked here before, let alone shopped, by the looks of all the lovely stuff on their site that'll be changing soon!

    1. Good, ain't it? you definitely should :)

  2. I do love a bit of Uniqlo. Sad we don't have one in Brighton!! Seeing your post made me look up that dress - I love it and really want it now :) Also spotted that peach shirt the other day...a thing of beauty...

    1. That's crazy, I thought they were kinda mainstream. To be honest though, you get a better selection online than in any of their stores. I went to the Oxford Street shop and that beaut of a dress was nowhere to be seen :( plenty of lovely shirts though :)

  3. I love Uniqlo, it's a great sadness to me that there isn't one anywhere near where I live.

    1. That is rubbish but their best stuff is usually on the website. I've not seen any of the Shrigley or Merchant & Mills stuff anywhere but online.


Ta v.much :)

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